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Back07's Artemis Blue Game Review

Rated: 6

The story felt like it introduced a lot and made people assume a lot of things that may happen in the end, but actually went in a different direction. If you can look at the chapters individually, it may help.

Recommended for people who like slice of life, people who like drama.

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Back07's Bible Black Game Review

Rated: 6

Bible Black's an odd one to be honest. I like the game, but the storyline's just a bit TOO unrealistic at times and rather over focused on sex in parts too! Plus, I find the whole concept of "futanari"s a bit disturbing, but that's just me. Putting this aside, the game's fairly well made apart from the many many types and translation errors. There's plenty of replay value, especially since some of the endings are really hard to find.

Although I kinda dislike this game.

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Back07's G-Senjou no Maou Game Review

Rated: 9

So, in the end, is G-senjou a better VN than Sharin? No, as I repeatedly said throughout this review. However, to be fair to G-senjou, nothing I have read so far has even come close to Sharin in terms of overall epicness, but this came close…well, the final parts at least. For that alone, G-senjou deserves my applause, and hell, for what’s worth, no VN has quite enraptured me the way G-senjou did ever since I read Sharin. It’s just too bad that Akabeisoft2 didn’t try to work harder on the other characters…they had massive potential.

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